Cristiano Ronaldo to host FIFA 18

Cristiano Ronaldo will be the cover image of FIFA 18.


To achieve greater fidelity, Electronic Arts has registered the movements of Cristiano Ronaldo in a session in Madrid during a training. "Details such as acceleration, rhythm, skills and finishing techniques have been captured to be as faithful as possible to the protagonist, offering truth and personality to FIFA 18," says the company.The Real Madrid player has been the Electronic Arts choice for the new installment of the series, which will hit the stores on September 29 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Switch. FIFA 18 Hacks

"The best player in the world has helped us make our biggest leap in quality on the field," said Aaron McHardy, senior producer of EA Sports. "We are delighted to have Ronaldo, because working with him has allowed us to know a lot about his unique style of play and everything that makes him so special. His passion, energy and international fame make Cristiano Ronaldo the best ambassador he could have FIFA 18 ".

"It's a real pleasure to be the cover of FIFA 18," said Cristiano Ronaldo. "It's a great feeling, and I'm grateful to have been chosen."

We will have more details of FIFA 18 in the EA Play event of June 10.