FIFA Mobile Guide: tricks and strategies to get the best equipment

If you like football, you are definitely a FIFA fan, and this year the version that has reached our mobile phones is called FIFA Mobile Soccer. The game has changed a lot from the version we received last year, so if you need help with the game, do not miss our guide with tips, tricks and strategies for FIFA Mobile 18 Hack Soccer .

How to play FIFA Mobile Soccer

This year the game comes full of ways to test our skills with the ball. The main modes are:


Attack mode : This is the most controversial mode among the innovations of FIFA Mobile. Basically we will play a turn-based game as if it were a card game, in which each turn lasts 75 seconds, and can last up to 48 hours. Before each game we will have to choose the strategy that we are going to use , from going to attack to defensive utra, and as we advance in the game we will get new and more complex strategies.

The goal is to score the more goals better in each half of the game. For every goal we score we get coins FIFA Mobile and more followers that will help us get more experience and climb the global ranking of the game even if we lose , so it is always worth playing attack mode.

Season Mode : It comes to replace the race mode of last year, and in this mode we can play a full season against other leagues of the game. We will unlock it at level 8 , and it is the most similar way to the traditional console game in front of the turn-based games of the attack mode.

Live events : According to what is happening in the real world, we will see new events in the game. This mode brings daily challenges in which we can participate to win prizes such as coins or experience, for Twitter Page for FIFA Mobile Hack example when making a certain amount of missed shots or corners taken. So, we can get More Coins Tokens if we complete specific live events if concrete results are given in the real world . Sometimes these events are for just a few hours so take advantage of them.

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Leagues : In this mode we can join a league with other players , talk to them through chat and compete against other leagues in small tournaments or championships to get prizes. We can access them at level 5 . To join a league, simply access the menu and click on the button to join, and there we will see the links available to join, we choose one and we will have to wait for you to accept our request. You can only be part of a league with a maximum of 32 members, and since many of the existing leagues have barely any available holes, sign up to several until you are accepted in one to go faster.

How to control your team

The game has virtual controls, however we can also make passes by sliding your finger across the screen. Try both methods and choose which one you like the most because sometimes for small screens it is easier to give passes by sliding your finger instead of risking not pressing the buttons correctly.

FIFA 17 Mobile Football allows us to directly control the game, but we do not want to activate the automatic mode and the game will be played only as long as we do not play the controller. This is obviously very limited and worse than controlling it directly, but sometimes it makes up for and crosses your fingers to score goals, so keep that in mind.

When it comes to controlling the players, keep in mind the blue arrow and the direction it marks , since it points to where we are moving the command, not the direction in which the player is running, and therefore where the ball will go when let's go or shoot.

How to win games in FIFA Mobile Football

First of all, always choose players who have an assessment of your team inferior to yours, with which we will have many chances to win. Once in play, try to play in short passes to get the possession to the area instead of trying to make long passes in search of shots or make distant shots, given that most of the time we will not get anything unless we see a player in clear position of auction. Once in the area, try cross passes to fool the goalkeeper and the defense and get our striker to score.

This is why we usually choose formations where the extremes rise frequently , and therefore allow us to cross passes to the interior, or else the ends delay the ball for players who join.

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When it comes to haggling we have two types of dribbling , when we go to the goal and when we dodge a defender. The best way to get right out of a dribble is to change the pace , and once we see that it has worked give the button to run and leave behind the defender. Remember that you can look at the score of the dribble statistic to know which players can make advanced dribbles like hats or roulettes. For example, players like Alexis Sanchez, Arda Turan, Cristiano Ronaldo, Douglas Costa, Eden Hazard, Franck Ribery, Hatem Ben Arfa, James Rodriguez, Jesse or Mesut Ozil have a dribble level so high that they have special dribbles available as the hat.

To defend the best is not to force fouls entering the foot for the ball, but we will have to position the defender near the attacker to steal the ball in speed, something with which we also block the chances of shooting and pass.

How to create your team in FIFA Mobile Soccer

In the game we will have to create a team with up to 27 players that include all the positions of the team from the goalkeeper to the forwards. Then  we will have to choose one of the 16 tactical formations , after which the game will automatically fill the 11 positions for the team, so now it is faster than ever to create a team and start playing, where before it was necessary to adequately complement some players with others. However, we can alter the performance of the team with certain bonuses that we will obtain from specific players and players as we explain later.

Remember that we do not have to fill the 27 positions, but it is better to choose a tactical training that we like, and create a team with very good statistics based on that training . This is much quicker and easier when creating a great team without occupying all 27 positions. Of course, you will have to use it always to get the most out of those players.

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How to get the best players in FIFA Mobile Football

There are several ways to get players in FIFA 17 Mobile Football , we can open envelopes using coins or FIFA points, or also by completing live events or plans. Finally we can go to the market where we can get items and players at a great price if we are waiting for possible bargains that we can find.

Make a great team in the game will require opening envelopes where we can play all kinds of players. We can also improve them with four types of items , bronze, silver, gold and a new type for this game, red. The latter are by far the best items that we can achieve by making specific plans, and will greatly improve the skills of our players. Finally we can find other types of articles that are related to the performance of a player in the real world , and if he has had an outstanding performance we can get them and improve their skills.

There are a type of items called Memories , which include certain past achievements of some players and will give us better statistics. We can find challenges to get souvenir items in the live events, and if we overcome them we will get the cards with which to make the Memories Plans and create these items.

How to use the market to buy the best players

At the beginning of the game we can only play attack mode, and it will not be until level 8 where we can play the season mode. Since in attack mode you do not defend yourself, do not spend money on defenses until you finally have access to season mode.

Keep in mind that the money that we spend in a bid for a player will disappear even if we do not win , so think a lot about where you spend the money or if you do not risk losing it. The best thing is to look for players with a direct purchase price so as not to risk unless it is a real bargain.

We all want to have world-class cracks in our teams, but in FIFA Mobile you do not have to reserve the money to buy a big star. It is much better that you buy many players with a fairly high level for each position instead of just one exceptional player no matter how much you tempt us, since you will need a balanced team to win the matches.

As a reference, try to find players with at least 70 valuation and that cost between 800 and 1,000 coins which is a great price, and at most between 1,800 and 2,000 if you really need it. To do this remember that you can filter the searches by position and purchase price which will make it easier to find the appropriate players.

What are the plans in FIFA Mobile Soccer

The specific plans are a system of creating articles using those items that we no longer want , something we have seen many times in role-playing games but very rarely in sports games. These plans have in many cases specific requirements that we will have to meet to get the new items that will empower our players, and sometimes they can unlock exclusive content not available

in  any other way.

To see what we need to do in each plan, once you have chosen it, click on the information icon in the upper right corner and there you will see all the details .

How to get free coins in FIFA Mobile Football

There are several ways to get free coins in the game, these are the best:

Live events : Playing events we can get free money easily, since we can repeat them as many times as we want and give many free coins. Remember that the more difficult the event, the more stars it requires, and the more money we will get.

Play  attack mode : This mode is another good method to get coins, although in our opinion it is more profitable to play season mode. In any case if you have little time, a game to attack mode takes just a few minutes and we can win more than 200 coins .

Use the market : There are always some clueless that puts great players at ridiculously low prices. Control the market and get used every day to do at least a couple of searches using the filters to find players at great prices. Then you can sell them and win with the difference.

Level up : Each time you level up you get free coins, so if you need money and you see that you are close to level up focus on playing and you will get many coins.

Play season mode:  As soon as you reach level 8 you can play season mode, and this is where we can win a lot of money, given that we got 800 coins for a win and 400 for a draw , even more if we get trophies when playing.

For now we have not seen any way to get FIFA points for free , since it is the game's payment currency and is only acquired with real money. If we find out how to get them for free we will update the guide.

FIFA Mobile Soccer is a free game for Android and iOS with payment elements. You can download the game on Google Play and iTunes, and if you liked the guide, do not forget to share it on your social networks and leave your comments!